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Дата рождения : 19 Ноября 1976 г. 41 год Скорпион

Место рождения : не указано

Место нахождения : не указано

Место проживания : не указано

Любимые места : не указаны

Интересы : не указаны


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usaheed@gmail.com 16.04.2010 в 01:06   «Ответить»

I am Barrister Usman from Saheed Saheed Associates and Lom, Togo, personal attorney to the end Mr.Paul JOHNY construction

engineer, who lived here in Lome Togo.
My client died with his family during a vacation on the island of Phuket in Thailand in December 2005. Asia Earth Quake Disaster (Tsunami) on January 6, 2007 I received a phone call, as his personal lawyer, who broke the tragic news of my clients have been killed in the tsunami. Since then I have made several inquiries to locate any of his relatives.

It is not possible. After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to contact you, so I know that you bear the same surname with him. I seek your consent and assistance in repartriating money left to him, until he confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Bank. The deposit is about six million five hundred thousand dollars only to United and served in the bank.

The bank issued me an ultimatum to present the next of kin of the deceased, to inherit the funds or the account declared unserviceable. Here, I seek your consent to submit to the bank as next of kin of the deceased, so that the proceeds of this account is important, these funds can be transferred to you inherited it, I will share the money, and some will be donated to the charity fund.

I need legal information, that the legal termsare surposed be known to me and I'll treat you to support the claim of inheritance from the shore. All that I require your honest cooperation to enable us to see it through. I guarantee that the transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach contact ME___ law.PLEASE

barr.usmansaheed @ gmail.com

Thank you.

Lawyer Ousmane Saheed
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