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① classified according to the bran...

  05.12.2013 в 10:28   46  

① classified according to the brand, there are Lyford , Inventronics , MoSo , Meanwell power supply better used on the market , including most of the LED tube light uses Lyford , Inventronics special power .

drive power of LED tube

② the power of the LED tube light can be divided into constant current source and non- current power supply according to the characteristics . Their differences are:

Constant current source : No matter how much load voltage, the load current of LED tube light is constant most of LED driver uses, which is also reflected on the stroboscopic of LED tube light, as its name suggests, the constant current power supply ensure that the input current of the LED tube light is constant , even if the brightness of light -emitting beads stabilizes at a value , which also makes no subtle sudden bright , sudden dark , so that without the stroboscopic.

③classification in accordance with the isolated and non -isolated power supply
Difference: isolated power supply of LED tube light is using a transformer to step-down the 220V voltage to a lower voltage , then rectified into DC output for power use . Because the primary winding of the transformer withstands 220V voltage , the secondary coil is exposed only to low AC voltage output , and there is not a direct connection between the primary and secondary coils , so called isolated power;the non-isolated power supply of LED tube is using 220V input directly into an electronic circuit , through electronic components buck output , input and output is directly connected via the electronic components , so called non-isolated power supply ;

The difference between the two is whether the transformer. However, please note that some manufacturers use the main coil tap extracting low-voltage direct approach in order to save costs , which seems to be a transformer , there is actually no the secondary coil , which can not be called the isolated power supply !

Advantages of isolated power of LED tube light: do not pose a threat to humans , the wide voltage performance is very good, the non-isolated is very mature now, the voltage range is slightly worse than isolation , the voltage range is between 110V-300V , and the isolated power of LED tube is 60-300V. The level of current is uniform

Isolated driver is safe but has less efficient , the efficiency of non-isolated drive of LED tube light is higher, how to select isolated or non -isolated driver depends on the actually requests .

On the circuit structure is concerned : the current program are mostly isolated AC / DC flyback (Flyback) circuit scheme , and therefore the circuit of LED tube light is relatively more complex, high cost. The non-isolated is basically the use of DC / DC step-up (Boost) or step-down (Buck) circuit , the circuit of LED tube light is relatively simple , and thus the cost is relatively low.Browsing www.ledclan.com for more information about the LED tube light.

Article from www.lighting-ledlight.com/in...-led-tube-light/