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If the outdoor LED flood light and...

  11.12.2013 в 06:19   61  

If the outdoor LED flood light and lighting control solutions are applied in major ports in Korea ,80 billion won operating costs can be saved in five years. Moreover, by using a variety of colors and multi-level brightness illumination system can significantly improve the landscape of port and improve the ease of pilots and other port workers at night , and can effectively prevent security incidents that may occur .

In addition, metal halide lamps usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach normal operating state , or even needs to consume about 1 hour to make it work properly in the cold winter , The outdoor LED flood light system can switch in real time , but also real-time monitoring fault conditions of the system.

LED lighting in port and stadium

High -power , environmentally friendly port outdoor LED flood light and lighting control solutions comprehensively integrate with the motor driver IC, the power supply ( power supply technology ) , network, controller technology and many other technologies .

According to the United Nations on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other climate change agreement with green development policy of government, taking advantage of IT solutions technology is to create outdoor LED flood light and other LED lighting solutions and a series of projects in Gwangyang Port, making efforts to accelerate the pace of international standardization projects of solutions program of the intelligent lighting IT control .Browsing www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid53-1.htm,you may be delight to find the pretty awesome but affordable outdoor LED flood light.

Article from www.lighting-ledlight.com/in...-ports-in-korea/